About Us

At a Little Solace Co., we create unique sympathy gifts tailored to those experiencing difficult moments in their lives including loss of loved ones, divorce, miscarriage, loss of pets, illness, painful relationships, and difficult seasons. We are a small woman-owned and operated business that started in 2018 and is based in Southern California.

We truly believe in trying to make the world a better place and our products reflect that. When possible, we try to:

  1. Manufacture our products in the USA and if that's not possible we want them made by skilled artisans in other countries
  2. Support manufacturers that offer good working conditions
  3. Offer environmentally conscious products
  4. Support the arts by providing products that are handmade
  5. Not create excess waste through our packaging and shipping materials

We believe the best way to do this is to create meaningful high quality items that can be keepsakes for years to come.

A Personal Message from Our Founder

"Welcome to A Little Solace Co., I'm so glad that you found us. If you are here, you or a loved one are going through a really hard time or a period of loss. I want you to know that you are not alone in your grief, I've been in that dark place you are now and I want to help you navigate through it.

My mission is help ease the grieving process by creating products that: acknowledge losses, bring comfort to those hurting, honor passed loved ones, and aid in the healing process.

I started this company in 2018 after experiencing a series of personal losses in my life. In the span of a year and a half, I lost three people close to me and  experienced two miscarriages. It was a difficult time for me and I found that there were few resources out there that truly helped me through my grief journey.

I found that many of the traditional sympathy gifts and cards didn't offer much comfort. Many of the sayings written on them glossed over the loss that I felt. These hollow platitudes that didn't acknowledge my feelings as a grieving person and sometimes were downright harmful to the grief process. Our society doesn't know how to handle grief and process loss well, and the current offering of sympathy gifts reflects that.

I want to create something different. I want to create the gifts that and products that I wished that I had had during my intense grieving process. I believe that true healing can only come from acknowledging and honoring our losses. I hope that what I create helps you through your difficult time and I would love to hear from you if it does. Remember, you aren't alone."

- J.J.

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