Custom Candle


Create a gift from the heart with our custom candle. Create your own message and choose the perfect scent for a personalized touch. Add to any of our customizable boxes.


Our candles are made with sustainable, American-raised soy wax. We also use cosmetic-grade fragrances and oils, which is ideal for people who are sensitive to fragrance. Our wicks are 100% cotton, so no need to worry about nasty chemicals being released into the air. Since our candles burn so cleanly and are additive-free, they have a large and even scent throw. In other words, you will be able to smell our candles throughout a room instead of just a small area.

Our glass candle is a full-sized 8 oz glass with a 50-hour burn time. The soy wax is housed in a white container that matches with virtually any decor. When you are finished enjoying your candle, simply snuff it out with the wooden lid.

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